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Profit quite simply and without effort from our partner program! You send your personal Mind Changer link to your friends and automatically get shares on your account with every booking!

Mind Changer Affiliate Program

Why is it worthwhile to apply for Mind Changer?

In order to successfully master the new challenges globally, we need many mind changers like you and us. The more people get involved, the better networks will be created for you with new forward and lateral thinkers. And that supports your personal development.

Mind Changer Affiliate Program

The facts at a glance

Innovative Product

The Mind Changer Academy is highly innovative in content and format - and at the same time it is right in the middle of life. You will see that it is attractive for practically all your friends!

High remuneration

Each individual booking brings you 15% of the net contribution. Your friends will not pay a cent more than other participants. Take advantage of this win-win situation!

Fast payout

Your share will be credited to your account immediately after booking. This way you earn money simply and incidentally without having to do anything for it.

Personal support

You have questions? We are gladly and always there for you. Simply write to us:

High quality advertising materials

We support you with trailers of the various speakers, live streams and blogs. And of course you can also write personal emails to your friends.

No minimum turnover

From the first booking centre onwards, you are included and receive your remuneration pro rata. That means you profit directly and immediately from our partner program!

Mind Changer Affiliate Program

How the program works


Click on the Become a sales partner button below and start applying.

Create affiliate link

You can create your links in your personal dashboard.

make money

When your links lead to bookings, you will receive your payouts.