General terms and conditions of business

General Terms and Conditions of Relational Online Ltd.

§ Section 1 Scope of application

These General Terms and Conditions govern the contractual relationship between the Buyer and Relational Online Ltd. as organiser for participation in all Mind Changer Academy and Relational Online Academy products (hereinafter: Event).

§ 2 Registration

1. registration for participation in the event takes place online via the registration tool or by e-mail. The participant will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt. With the confirmation of receipt, the applicant receives the information provided in the online registration. Input errors can be reported at any time to the ORGANIZER at the e-mail address given there. The participant purchases the participation for personal use (single authorization) or (when purchasing multiple logins) for the participants listed there. The participant or purchaser is personally responsible for ensuring that the login and password as well as the link to the live webinars do not come under the influence of other, non-registered participants. Passing on the link or use of the link outside of the purchasing person or the participants listed is not permitted and, in the event of violation, will result in the loss of participation of the unauthorized person passing on the link and the billing of the corresponding annual subscription (MINI, OPTI, MAXI) for the person not registered.

2. registrations will be processed by the organizer in the order of their receipt. As far as the registration for the event can be considered, the organizer will send the participant a registration confirmation in writing or by email. By registering, the contract between the participant and the organizer is concluded.

3. the contractual language is German.

§ Section 3 Remuneration

1. the remuneration (participation fee) can be found on the website The amount stated there includes the services listed there. The amount stated is exclusive of the statutory value added tax.

2. the costs are to be paid to the organizer upon registration or within two weeks after receipt of the invoice.

If the binding period of the product is not explicitly stated in the price offer, the purchaser binds himself to his purchased use with the registration for a period of at least 12 months. This is also associated with the payment of the usage price per month or per year, which is due 12 times (monthly in advance) or (in the case of annual payment) once (then in advance at the conclusion of the purchase) after conclusion of the purchase and sending of the login/password.

In this case, the buyer is obligated to pay beyond the period of 12 months as long as he does not properly cancel the selected product. A cancellation must be initiated in writing by the customer himself in the login or by e-mail to (for the Mind Changer Academy) or (for the Relational Online Academy) until 6 weeks before the end of the year and must be confirmed, otherwise a further extension occurs. The mere interruption of payment does not replace a termination.

Any credit or bonus that reduces the payment is only valid in the year for which it applies and is redeemed. For example, if a product with an indefinite term is purchased with a bonus in November, the bonus will be valid for the coming year (12 months) unless an "infinitely valid" bonus has been explicitly agreed. This would have to be explicitly noted in the application.

§ 4 Execution of the event; changes

1) The ORGANIZER owes the participant, subject to the following regulations, the realization of the booked event within the previously announced time, location and personnel framework.

2. the event is prepared and conducted by qualified speakers. The ORGANIZER does not guarantee that the contents and documents are up-to-date, correct and complete. Furthermore, the ORGANIZER does not guarantee the participant a certain success due to his participation.

3. the ORGANIZER will inform the registered participants immediately of any changes to the time or place of the event and of any significant changes in the course of the event, as well as of any cancellation of the event.

§ 5 Withdrawal; substitute participant

1. the participant cannot prematurely terminate the contract because he/she has been able to use the services from the beginning This does not affect the rights of the consumer (consumer) - see § 9.

All participants can nominate a substitute participant instead of withdrawing.

§ 6 Liability

The ORGANIZER is only liable without limitation for intent and gross negligence of her legal representatives and vicarious agents.

2) In the case of slight negligence the ORGANIZER is liable if a duty is violated, the observance of which is essential for the achievement of the purpose of the contract ("cardinal duty"). Cardinal obligations are those whose fulfilment is essential for the proper execution of the contract and on whose compliance the contractual partner regularly relies and may rely. In this case, liability is limited to the foreseeable damage typical for the contract.

3) The above regulations also apply to the benefit of the employees and vicarious agents of the ORGANIZER.

4. the limitation period for claims by the participant is one year, insofar as the beginning of the period is dependent on the participant's knowledge; in other cases, the statutory provisions shall apply.

5. claims under the Product Liability Act and liability for injury to life, body or health shall remain unaffected by the above paragraphs 1. to 4. Claims for damages due to intentional or grossly negligent conduct are not subject to the regulation of para. 4.

§ 7 Copyright, image recordings

1) The participant acknowledges the copyright of the ORGANIZER and/or the speakers/third parties to the event documents. The documents may only be used by the participant personally and may only be copied, published or otherwise passed on to third parties in whole or in part with the prior written consent of the ORGANIZER and the speaker or third parties. A recording of the event, e.g. on audio or video tapes, is generally not allowed and will be punished according to the regulations of the DSGVO, unless it is allowed in exceptional cases if the ORGANIZER has expressly approved it in writing and for this case.

Should the referent/third party provide documents online, the ORGANIZER does not assume any liability for the topicality, completeness, correctness or quality of the provided documents. Only the referent/third party is liable for the content and damages resulting from the use of such information and links offered online.

The ORGANIZER is entitled to produce or have produced commercial image and video recordings of, on and in connection with the event, or to have them produced, and in particular to use them for marketing purposes in compliance with the DSGVO regulations. The participant grants the ORGANIZER the right to use recordings in which the participant has a right to his/her own picture free of charge, without any spatial or temporal restrictions.

§ 8 Data protection

The ORGANIZER uses the personal data provided during the registration process exclusively for the purpose of implementing the contract. A transfer to third parties may become necessary for this purpose. In addition, the personal data will be stored and used for the dispatch of information material about other similar ORGANIZER products or events which may be of interest to the participant.

In order to maintain the seriousness of the offer and the principles of the GDPR, participants may not use the data of other participants for advertising and announcement purposes of their own products and services, offer products and services and generate money for services of any kind from other participants.

§ 9 Right of withdrawal for consumers

If the participant is a consumer, the following revocation instruction/right of revocation applies: The participant may revoke the contractual declaration in text form (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) within 14 days without stating reasons. The period begins after receipt of this instruction in text form, but not before conclusion of the contract, as well as before fulfillment of the information obligations. This right of withdrawal applies in accordance with the statutory provisions only as long as the package has not been opened, i.e. not "unsealed". However, since it cannot be determined at Mind Changer Academy whether the package has been opened or not, the package is considered opened as soon as the link to create the password has been verifiably sent.
Live online sessions that take place at a specific time are excluded from this right of withdrawal. To meet the deadline, it is sufficient to send the revocation in time. The revocation is to be sent to
Consequences of revocation: In case of justified revocation, the paid amount will be refunded within 30 days and the participation will be cancelled. The time limit begins for the participant with the sending of the revocation, for the ORGANIZER with its receipt. Special note: The participant's right of revocation expires prematurely if the contract has been completely fulfilled by both parties at the express request of the participant before the participant has exercised his right of revocation.

§ 10 General Terms and Conditions for Conferences

The following terms and conditions apply to conferences and events within the framework of the Mind Changer Academy:

1. a binding registration takes place by written, also informal announcement of the participant's wish by online booking, fax, e-mail or letter. However, the seminar place can only be firmly reserved when the required payment has also been received by the provider.

2. early booking bonus: The respective early booking bonus can only be claimed if the entire payment of the prescribed price is received by the provider's account by the end of this early booking period. If payment is received later, the respective higher price will automatically apply and the difference will also be invoiced by the provider.

3. the indicated prices are fixed prices. They must be received by the account or cashier of the institute within the payment deadline stated in the invoice or the organizer must have the account or credit card data for a direct debit including authorization. The participant's place is not reserved until payment has been made. If necessary (especially in the case of very late registration), the participant must also provide proof of payment (e.g. payment slip). If no payment or insufficient payment or no proof of payment is made, the participant cannot attend the event and will not receive a certificate of attendance. In this case, the demand for payment on the part of the provider nevertheless remains valid. If the participant is in default here, interest on arrears up to the amount of 13% p.a. can be charged.

4. every participant is entitled to name a suitable substitute participant for the event at any time, in which he himself cannot participate for whatever reason, before he himself receives an access code to the event. A substitute participant is suitable if he or she has any required prior knowledge and fits into the target group of the training offer.

5. cancellation of a booking on the part of the participant is subject to cancellation costs in the amount of 100% of the participation costs, unless he/she can name a suitable replacement participant who will bear the costs (see above) by the time he/she receives the access code.

6. an event can be cancelled by the provider at the latest 4 weeks before the event takes place, if too few participants are registered, or at the latest 1 day before the event starts in case of illness of the lecturer. In this case, the entire price paid will be refunded.

The contents correspond to the descriptions of the seminars in the respective valid brochure. In the case of several lecturers in one event, another lecturer may be named as a substitute in the event of cancellation.

If individual parts of the GTC are or become legally ineffective, all other parts shall continue to be effective unaffected.

§ 11 Final provisions

1. collateral agreements must be in writing to be effective. This also applies to the change of the written form clause.

2. deviating general terms and conditions of the participant have no validity.

Should one of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by an appropriate and permissible provision that corresponds to the sense and purpose of these General Terms and Conditions.

The place of jurisdiction for transactions with merchants, legal entities under public law or special funds under public law is Paphos, Cyprus.