Mind Changer Academy: Ready for the biggest challenge faced by mankind?

It has already become unmistakably apparent in recent years - and yet has been largely ignored or even negated. And since the Corona pandemic, it has become a certainty: Yes, we are facing a global mind change - according to many scientists, the biggest since the emergence of language. Yes, it is forcing us to rethink our world and ourselves. And: Yes, we have to reposition ourselves - in a new world with new paradigms. The Mind Changer Academy was born to inspire and help us to shape the future we deserved.

We designed the Mind Changer Academy in 2019 as a format that fits 100% and gives profound answers to the digital age requirements. Since then, many people have been asking us, "How could you have known about the actual world development so many months in advance?". To be honest: We have simply anticipated the Mind Change that was inevitably about to come. And many people didn´t want to face it that time. 

The digital age, which (and I feel it's important to point this out) only came into being because we humans designed it, allowed it and encouraged it - so it's 100% our doing! - quires, according to many scientists, the biggest mind change since the development of language. But this was not so readily apparent to many people at first glance. Most of us saw the various tell-tale signs - waves of refugees, rising environmental problems, increasing replacement of human labor by machines, increasing demands on our digital capabilities, rising global influence of all kinds, etc. - as coincidences or isolated problems that might be solved "later." And the status quo continued to be attempted to be maintained. And we kept running on our hamster wheel, which we already secretly knew would probably "not go on much longer". That eventually our own hamster wheel speed would throw us off the merry-go-round. This was reinforced by the fact that employee representatives in particular, like many political camps, argued unhelpfully and in some cases downright counterproductively that "people weren't ready for the digital age yet - and therefore it wouldn't come so quickly".

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But at the latest since the coronavirus pandemic, we all know that a situation like the digital age never waits to see whether people are ready for it or not. We simply HAVE to face the Mind Change. The Mind Changer Academy that we created inspires us to meet the individual challenges we experience on our way.

1. what do I understand by a mind change?

Well, in the course of our life we experience many changes: We learn new things, we change our relationships, our jobs, our responsibilities. We evolve.

A mind change, however, consists of a change in the paradigms that form our very basic framework of thinking: How this world works. And how it can be kept running. Or to put it another way: All that we have thought up to now loses its meaning, because the scaffolding that supports the thoughts no longer works.

2. Mind Changer Academy: Inspiration in all areas of life

Do we really have to question and redefine all our paradigms? In our opinion - yes: Because the digital age confronts us with a completely new, never-before-experienced situation, which requires a radical rethinking. And this is exactly where the Mind Changer Academy comes in:

  • in our way of thinking, because our basic, centuries-old model of thinking that "the world out there is like this" and has nothing to do with us can no longer work
  •  (Radatz, 2020 on Relational Philosophy and Mind Changer in Sound of Science conversation with Carl Auer Publishing, https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn%3Ali%3Aactivity%3A6686521956289798144/?midToken=AQEmwRd8xGkIRA&trk=eml-email_notification_single_mentioned_you_in_this_01-notifications-1-hero%7Ecard%7Efeed&trkEmail=eml-email_notification_single_mentioned_you_in_this_01-notifications-1-hero%7Ecard%7Efeed-null-3t7ktm%7Ekcd0qyd6%7Eq7-null-voyagerOffline).
  • In our environmental thinking, our society, our politics, because on the one hand people are mature and informed enough to manage their own affairs (Green, 2020 - https://lateraleconomics.com.au/); but worldwide we need a different society, which minimizes the withdrawals from the primary economy and organizes the secondary economy following the ecological thought on the other hand - otherwise we will have difficulties to survive in the long run.
  • In our ego and job positioning: because with advancing digitalisation, work will play a subordinate role in our lives - if any at all (Herger, 2020 - https://www.deraktionaer.de/artikel/kolumnen/dr-mario-herger-disruption-im-zeitraffer-20203276.html). And we will have to reposition ourselves willy-nilly: for a global, digital world.
  • In our physical and mental health: because we will transfer the global health problems to every country in the world within hours and days. Plus the upcoming redesign of our movement theme and securing our mental health as well.
  • In our economy, our companies, our management, where no stone will be left unturned and we are already doing well to prepare for disruptive change (Clark Gilbert and Joseph L. Bower, 2002 - https://hbr.org/2002/05/disruptive-change-when-trying-harder-is-part-of-the-problem - and not just the idea of an "agile organization".
  • In our support, counselling, education and "bridging" services, which are subject to entirely new paradigms and possibilities and require a massive mind change with a lot of imagination and creativity.
  • In our education - it is clear that we need not only new educational topics, but also - as we have seen clearly at the latest and unfortunately only in the coronavirus crisis - very variable forms of learning support using all the already existing web programs (only they are not used; instead the schools and universities are closed during the pandemic), and especially here too the sustainable departure from our model of thinking of traditional tests that test a knowledge that can be faked and copied from Google at any time (Radatz, 2019). We are still stuck in the 19th century here, can you believe it?
  • In our relationships and families, which demand a new living together over a very much extended life span. Here, too, we need to discover new paradigms!
  • In our communication and culture, which is highly dependent on presence thinking and deserves a radical turnaround.
Image by Gerhard Altmann on Pixabay

3. the forced change in all people

In my opinion, we still have a good chance in the coming months to shape and to rework the paradigms for ourselves in such a way that we are master or mistress of our possibilities. Later, the "being shaped" will rather outweigh the "shaping", is my idea. Then it is quite likely that each and every one of the above paradigm shifts will hit us as hard and, more importantly, as unprepared as Corona. And damage control always costs oodles more in suffering, problems and costs than prevention (Hafen, 2019). But that is something we all, even with our elected representatives at the top of every state - must first learn. What is important, however, in my view, is THAT we learn it. Now.

4. new opportunities - here we come!

All the clinging to old-world paradigms and trying to "solve problems" rather than preventing them obscures our view of the vast amounts of opportunity that now needs to be discovered to create a really good life for all of us. This is where I optimally see the central focus of our attention. And this is where the Mind Changer Academy is a massive inspiration source in practical all areas of life:

The Mind Changer Academy takes place worldwide - means: at your home, in your living room.

The Mind Changer Academy enables individual learning - as you choose exactly the videos and live online sessions that are relevant for you - and follow your personal rhythm of inspiration.


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Dr. Sonja Radatz
Dr. Sonja Radatz
Dr. Sonja Radatz developed the Relational Philosophy and wrote 19 books about it. She offers relational training and supports people and companies in shaping their preferred future. She is also the editor of the journal LO Lernende Organisation. In 2003 she was awarded the German Prize for Social and Organizational Cybernetics for her life's work.