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supporting your shaping this new world.

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World class inspiration
supporting your shaping this new world.

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With the elite masterminds from over 100 cadre forges, among others:




















"What if dozens of world elite masterminds were to visit, inspire, and motivate you at home for the upcoming worldwide Mind Change? This is the Mind Changer Academy!"

Ready for the biggest challenge of mankind?

Why we have to rethink our future!

The world has turned. Radically! We have known this not only since "Corona," the war and the energy crisis: Solutions for tomorrow are fundamentally different from those of today. And they are not in the textbooks. Professions for which we are trained today, no one will need tomorrow. Our environment needs sensible survival concepts immediately. Virtually every company needs a 180° turn toward future success.

We need a mind change. Today. Now!

We can change our world in all facets by changing US.


The organizer of Mind Changer

A unique opportunity

What the Mind Changer Academy can do.

The Mind Changer Academy brings together the elite thought leaders of the world's cadre on one online platform. Translated into multiple languages. You see everything in your language, of course. And choose, month by month, those topics and speakers that give you targeted inspiration. You watch them whenever you want. As often as you want. Wherever you are!

The masterminds come directly to your living room and instead of lengthy lectures, they bring along exciting 40-minute contributions in practical dialogue form. And you will experience them first hand!

Of course, questions then arise. Or you come up with implementation ideas that include challenges.

To successfully work on your implementation, there are our many monthly live online sessions and streaming seminars by Dr. Sonja Radat herself. There you exchange ideas with Dr. Radatz and other participants, ask questions and get to the point. Gain new insights. Deepen your knowledge. And put it into practice - in your practice!

This way you become part of the worldwide Mind Changer Community. And that at a fair price.

The fascinating thing about the Mind Changer Academy: It is such an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and immediately generates new design possibilities. You immediately implement your insights - in your business world as well as on a personal level. The Mind Changer Academy thus helps you to recognize and master complex challenges.

In this way, you cushion disruptive change and position yourself sensibly and successfully in the new digital, global world that is advancing unchecked.

You begin to try out new things with relish and confidence. And become a pioneer yourself.

The digital global age is characterized by cooperation. Worldwide! It's about collaboration. Exchange. Learning from each other. Getting inspired. In short seminars and conferences, networking is usually neglected or remains on the surface. Our experience so far shows us that the Mind Changer Academy "can" learn from each other. You will find buddies for life there, if you want and need them. Plus: Your place also includes the participation for a buddy in a developing country, if you want that. So you can learn and network in parallel: With your buddy, but also with many other like-minded people in the Live Online Sessions.

The time of the regular seminars, which take place on a Monday and Tuesday between 9.00 am and 4.00 pm, is over – you know that and we know that. Today and tomorrow flexibility is required: Learning something new at 7.00 a.m. or 10.00 p.m.? Questioning your own way of thinking at the airport in Bombay? Innovative inspiration together with your partner on a holiday evening? Looking for specific ideas for your current management challenge – right now at your desk at 5.00 pm? No problem! The Mind Changer Academy can cope with all this.
And even if you missed one of the in-depth live online sessions, you can catch up on most of them a few months later.

And even if you missed one of the Live Online Sessions of your choice, you can catch up on most of them a few months later.

We know that the world of education and training will become fully flexible – and the Mind Changer Academy is anticipating this trend.

Can you imagine that with a number of thousands of participants, each participant's intake and learning curve is quite different and highly individual? The Mind Changer Academy takes this into account! You choose only those contents that serve you individually. You use them as you wish: As a thought-provoking basis for your team. As a step-by-step program for your upcoming challenges. As an impulse for further thinking on a completely different level.

You determine the selection. The beat. The intensity. The frequency of repetition. The order. And what you do with it.

This makes learning fun and demand-oriented like a movie streaming evening. And you always decide when enough is enough.

Your personal benefit

Why you should be there.

Rethinking. Doing things differently.

Not only Corona, the war and the energy crisis show us: Everything around us is changing massively. And if we don't shape it, we will probably be shaped: Not a good scenario! Therefore, it is NOW about being inspired, to think anew, to design meaningfully. And sustainably.

Elite masterminds iat your home

Never before have so many top-class world-class thought leaders been directly interactively connected with you in a single academy to inspire you and guide you as a doer, maker in the digital age. A unique opportunity!

Great variety of topics

The change in the digital global age is profound - and affects us in all areas of life. That's why the Academy offers an unusual variety of topics in 12 seasons, 12 areas of life. Because we need a mind change on a broad basis.

Innovative format

Everything online. Complete freedom and individuality in all diversity. All contributions in pleasant dialog form. The live online sessions pulsating, full of deepening and exchange - in up-close conversation with Dr. Sonja Radatz, the founder of the Mind Changer Academy and the Relational Future Creation Philosophy.

Climate Neutral

No travel time. No travel costs. Usable from anywhere, without any environmental impact: that's the Mind Changer Academy.
It connects you directly and climate-neutrally with the most exciting scenes of future knowledge.
Sustainably valuable.

Fair price

Inimitable, highly individual world-class inspiration, produced in a very special format, and all that at an unbeatable price - that's what the Mind Changer Academy guarantees.
Even with only selectively available time, you reap the full harvest.

An unusual offer

What you get at the Mind Changer Academy.

Dialogues with the world elite

Over 130 revolutionary video dialogues for streaming

Implement personally

in many live online sessions with Dr. Radatz himself, as well as exciting additional streaming education.

Worldwide exchange

in the Live Online Sessions

Read in depth

Articles, e-books, slides for download

Update & stay tuned

Many new videos & live online sessions every year

Mind Changer Academy

Our customers about Mind Changer

``MindChanger enlarges my toolbox to structure and develop myself and others.``

Dr. med. Heinz Pilartz

Doctor and mediator
Forum-M Institute, Germany

``MindChanger helps me broaden my horizons. Many topics can be implemented immediately.`` Giulia Gridi

Internal Communication, Technology
A1 Telekom Austria AG, Austria

``We use Mind Changer specifically as a management development tool, which is accompanied by us as HR. ``

Lisa Mandl MAS

Deputy Head of Department Human Resources Development
Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance

``MindChanger is my at least weekly companion and has influence in business as well as private life. ``

Tumasch Pile

Managing Director
Hortima AG, Switzerland

Who should be there

Whom is the Mind Changer Academy made for?

Visionaries can take off mentally and imagine a new scenario, new worlds, which they "invent" straight away. They are often called "dreamers" or "crystal ball readers" by others. And indeed, they foresee many things and are already forging new paths when others are still celebrating their latest successes (before stumbling over obstacles of the new world). "What's coming?", "In which fields can we move?", "What are the possibilities?", visionaries like to ask themselves and others. If you ask yourself these questions frequently, then you are in the right place at the Mind Changer Academy. And you will be really relieved to see how many visionary "other thinkers" you have at your side in the Mind Changer Community. The Mind Changer Academy thus becomes an El Dorado of scenario offers and exciting buddies for life.

Do you often catch your thoughts drifting away and creating cross-connections in your head while still having an ordinary lecture? Welcome to the Mind Changer Academy! This is exactly your world.

Here you won't get "7 ways of xy" or "the ultimate tool of Z", but you will discover endless impulses that invite you to think outside the box: They invite you to transfer the thoughts to your context and to ask yourself, "How can I use what I have heard in my context, in my world in a meaningful way?

The Mind Changer Academy is therefore made for people who use e.g. environmental protection content to shape their company portfolio and apply leadership concepts to their role as a parent. But they also use the ideas of other Mind Changers – not in order to imitate them but to turn them into something new and fascinatingly different.

Not everyone feels magically attracted to new opportunities. The Mind Changer Academy is tailor-made for innovators who have a particularly vivid imagination and who are always one step ahead of others.

And this regardless of the field in which they are working - whether as a doctor or entrepreneur, as a teacher or NGO founder, as a manager or employee, as a lawyer or parent, as an inventor or university lecturer. Because they are fascinated by inspiration and turn it into finished solutions themselves, which can then be successfully used in practice.

Innovators are characterised by their individuality and willingness to take risks. They are active, interested, curious and certainly want to attract the attention of others with their novel behaviour. Only 2.5% of the population are considered to be innovators - and they are usually among the winners of change, no matter how epochal it is.

They like to network quickly, often try out new things together and usually get up again quickly if a step brings them down for a short time.

You can tell if the Mind Changer Academy is for you if you usually ask yourself, "How does this work?" rather than "Can this be done? "

We are quite honest: 90% of the customers who have booked the Mind Changer Academy so far are designers and creators. They do not wait for someone to dance a choreography for them, but take their life and success into their own hands. And when we look at our presenters, we can say: All of them - without exception - have created a field in which they offer something very special and unique.

And we find it particularly fascinating that the Mind Changers not only follow the contents of the academy, but also observe very closely how the lecturers have arrived at their very special position: How did they find their calling, their positioning, their unique position? How have they successfully marketed them? How do they earn their money with it? How do they manage to maintain this area so full of relish?

Designers and creators are constantly asking themselves the question: "How do I make this idea a success? They skilfully meander through the thicket of challenges and find their way - sometimes faster, sometimes slower. But they do. Uncompromisingly. If you want to open up this field or are already at home there, the Mind Changer Academy will become a fascinating home for you, and a breeding ground for your future success.

Simply use the advantages

How the Mind Changer Academy works.

Step 1

Select a package (Mini, Opti or Maxi)

Step 2

Create your profile with e-mail address and username & off you go!

Step 3

Boarding via LOGIN and using services

Step 4

Many more video dialogues each year and over 100 live online sessions!

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€29,95 per month
+ VAT / duration min. 12 months
  • All +130 videos month by month
  • All in-depth articles / handouts
  • Mind Changer E-Book
€39,95 per month
+ VAT / duration min. 12 months
  • All +130 videos month by month
  • All Live Online Sessions
  • Streaming seminars in the amount of >200€ p.m.
  • All in-depth articles / handouts
  • Mind Changer E-Book
€49,95 per month
+ VAT / duration min. 12 months
  • All +130 videos month by month
  • All Live Online Sessions
  • Streaming seminars in the amount of >200€ p.m.
  • All in-depth articles / handouts
  • ½ Day Coachingwebinar S. Radatz
  • PDF annual subscription magazine LO
  • Mind Changer E-Book

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You book social responsibility with us!

With your booking you directly support a participant from a developing country: We offer a free place for each Mind Changer Academy participation of a person from a developing country. In this way we consciously promote Mind Change in all parts of the world and contribute to fairness and social responsibility!

Do you want to form a learning tandem with the co-partner you support and intensify learning from each other? Please click on this when booking - and we will link you to your co-partner!

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